Four Ways to Boost Your Energy

By Corinna Bowers

Are you looking for some unique ways to boost your energy? The following four steps will help you to become a more centered, appreciative, and powerful person!

1. Commit to a long walk 

I truly believe that connecting with nature, especially during this beautiful time of year, can itself revitalize your energy and spirit. Plan for this walk: arrange to be gone for at least an hour, choose a location that is far enough away from life's commotion like a state park, and go alone.

While it is fun to walk and chat with others, it can be more restorative and rejuvenating to go alone. You will have the time to really focus on the beauty of your environment, the solutions to your problems, and your connection with a world larger than yourself.

You'll find this visceral and aerobic activity to be stimulating for your brain as well as your body. 

2. Get your sleep

Research has shown that healthy adults need 7-9 hours of sleep a night to properly function each day. How many hours do you get? 

Increase your energy by planning at least one night a week to indulge your sleep routine. Treat it like a vacation! 

Arrange for your spouse to get up with the kids. Enjoy a cup of soothing tea while you settle in with your favorite book before bed. Make sure your room is clean and comfortable—eliminate any visual chaos to stimulate a pleasant wake up. And get your 7-9 hours of mental and physical rest!

It's easy to become exhausted when you lead a busy life. But if you focus on trying to meet your sleep needs, at least once a week, you'll enjoy more energy and a better outlook on each of your days! 

3. Take a load off

You know that one thing that keeps reappearing on your to-do list because you never seem to get it done? That task you just keep putting off (making an uncomfortable phone call, cleaning out the refrigerator, visiting a dying friend, balancing your checkbook) but keeps weighing on your mind?

The weight of this unfinished task can be incredibly heavy. You may find yourself feeling increasingly guilty, ashamed, or disappointed in yourself. And even though you may not actually be consciously focusing on this task, it is always in the back of your mind, taking up space and causing anxiety. 

The solution is to make a point of getting this task done. Dedicate a day, an afternoon, or an hour, and do whatever it takes to finish it. You know you'll find immense relief when this burden is off your back and you'll be able to rededicate your energy to other things. 

It may be helpful to try to determine what prevents you from doing it so that you can take more control in the future. Does it have to do with your self-confidence? Does it follow a pattern? What thoughts/feelings surround the idea of accomplishing the task?

4. Reflect on past achievements

Think of some important thing you've accomplished within the past few years. Maybe it was standing up to your sister-in-law, delivering your baby, giving a presentation to your colleagues, finishing a race, or completing your first water color painting. 

Spend some time remembering the actual event. How did it feel in the moment? How did you feel afterwards? How did others respond?

Think back to what got you to that point. Practice? Encouragement from others? Determination? Planning? Courage?

Give yourself the praise and recognition you deserve for doing something difficult for and important to you. We often minimize our accomplishments, and nothing can help re-energize you more than recognizing the amazing things you've done in the past. Appreciate yourself and the incredible things you've been able to do! 

Commit to increasing your energy a little at a time. Implementing these steps into your life can help make re-energizing yourself an incredibly successful routine!

About The Author: Corinna Bowers is a personal life coach who can help you move your life forward with a purpose! Sign up for her e-zine at to receive monthly inspiration and education on a variety of life's challenges.