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About Me...

Hi, my name's Rocky Tapscott and this website has been put together to help you find information on your favorite hobbies and pastimes without the usual pressure of buying something you get with most websites you'll find these days.

I live with my family just out of Brisbane in Queensland, Australia, in a small town called Jimboomba.

We have 6 acres of hilltop property overlooking the valley below and I work pretty much full time from home building this website and others just like it.

About This Site

I know you came here to learn more about your favorite hobbies, but you may want to read about how and why I created this site.

It may even surprise you and also spark some website ideas of your own.

I get questions every day about this site and why on earth I give away so much information for free.

So let's start at the beginning...

Ever since I learned to trade the Stock market, I said I would build a website to educate others.

I did that, but for a whole bunch of reasons which I won't go into here (maybe we can chat about them over a beer one day :-), I had to turn off my wonderfully successful site after putting in a year of work and hundreds of hours of writing and creating my masterpiece.

SBII can hear the violins let's move on.

Next I built a site about another one of my favorite things, German shepherds.

It too was successful...until I lost that one too because of another dumb decision (I know, I know, there's a pattern forming here, isn't there?)

Roll on another year.

I picked myself up again and built another website, the one you are reading right now...and finally, this one's permanent, and profitable :-)

How did I do it?

I used a web hosting service called Solo Build It. It's not your ordinary host where you pay your money and they leave you on your own with a bunch of technical stuff you know nothing about and let you try to work out what to do next.

Solo Build It takes the fear out of the unknown, because it gives you everything you need to actually build a website like this one that makes you money.

The SBI owners manual (which is called the Action Guide) covers the step by step process of putting your new website together, working out what you want to build your site about, and then shows you how to monetize your site so that you earn money from it (even while you sleep, now that's cool).

The system gives you all the stuff you need like design templates (you don't need any website building experience at all), help with ranking well with the search engines so your site gets found among the millions of other sites out there, and everything you need to turn your website into a real business.

Even though just about everything on this site is provided to you and our other visitors for free, Solo Build It has showed me how to earn a profit with Google ads and other affiliate programs (and now my very own products).

So even though I give away so much for free, the reward comes back to me in growing amounts every month.

You probably found this site by using a search engine and looking for one of the keywords I've set up my pages for.

The reason you came here instead of visiting somebody else's site is that's what the tools and systems within SBI helped me achieve.

The Solo Build It system showed me how to build my web pages to rank high in the major engines so I can get as much free traffic as possible without spending a cent on marketing.

Now I don't want you to think that this has been "easy money" for me (remember the two sites and two years of my life I lost getting here), but now that it's set up, the income grows and grows and I'm pretty much at the stage of being able to work full time from home working in the Internet...

And I'm not alone when it comes to building successful online businesses with SBI.

There are thousands of other information sites like just mine whose owners have followed the proven SBI process and are doing exceptionally well, many of them are much better than mine (hey, they all didn't lose those two years that I did).

The Sitesell Results Page shows hundreds of successful SBI sites that receive a good amount of traffic. If you scroll down to the 'Hobbies' section on that page, you'll see this site is listed there too!

Why Don't You Give It A Go As Well?

You should try Solo Build It for yourself. It could mean a whole new life for you like it has for so many people.

I wouldn't recommend it if I hadn't seen how well it works for so many people as well as for myself.

If you were wondering if other people had use SBI to build successful web businesses, take a look at the Sitesell Case Studies Site where a whole stack of them have written about their SBI experiences (there's some really inspirational stories there).

My advice if you have a burning desire to change your life is to do what I did and pick a topic, skill, place or idea that you have a personal interest or experience with, and start there.

For example -

Honestly, the topic can be anything.

If you have the solution to a problem that can help people, or any useful information or skill...there's a potential goldmine sitting between your ears just waiting to get out :-)

One thing I've got to warn you about though is to make sure you are interested in the topic enough to build a useful, informative site around it.

If not, you'll probably get bored and abandon the idea before you get to see the results.

Information sites that help people solve problems, or help people find better ways of doing something, and written from your own personal experience, make the best kinds of sites when you are using SBI.

These types of sites also help you gain instant credibility with your readers because your visitors can tell you have personally experienced the things you talk about on your site, and you know and understand the problems they are having.

And helping people solve their problems gives your site a genuine feel, unlike most of your competitors who are focused on sell, sell, sell.

My SBI sites (for the most part) are not focused actually selling anything.

I'm just helping people find information about their favorite hobbies and other stuff that helps them enjoy their lives more.

And you can do this too...

Go ahead and give SBI a try. It's completely risk free. will give you a FULL refund within 30 days if it's not for you. And once you've started and see the potential of the idea, you'll probably get so excited you won't be able to sleep...

Sitesell can give you this 'guarantee with teeth' because they know that nothing compares to Solo Build It and nobody has the thousands of success stories they have to back it up.

Try SBI for yourself and make sure you tell them Rocky sent you...

And if you'd like me to help and coach you to build a website for yourself using SBI, visit this page to see how we can work together.

Oh, one last thing...

If you'd like me to walk you through how 6 people just like you built true lifestyle businesses using SBI, then I invite you to subscribe to my brand new Mini Course called the 'Profit From Your Hobby System'

To subscribe, fill in your information below and I will send you this 7 day eCourse with no strings attached.

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So there you have it.

If you have any questions about anything on this website, or about becoming another successful Solo Build It owner, please let me know by using the contact form.

And until we meet for that beer,