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We thought we'd start off with the benefits of living where we live, in sunny Queensland Australia just out of the capital, Brisbane.

We live in a small rural community called Jimboomba on 6 acres of hilltop seclusion.

My brother in law once commented as we sat out on our steel-roofed deck with the rain trickling into the tank that the only time he had ever heard such a peaceful sound was when he was listening to his relaxation tapes...

It truly is a beautiful, tranquil spot well worth considering by anyone considering buying property for the lifestyle (as well as the capital gain potential).

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There's a LOT of development going in around the bottom of Logan City now, the main areas are Flagstone Rise and Yarrabilba. These are two master-planned communities, and will be home to thousands of families over the next few years.

If you'd like to, check out more info about Flagstone Property, or Yarrabilba Property.

Just down the road lies the thriving up-and-coming town of Beaudesert. It is the commercial heart of Beaudesert shire, just 60 km (40 miles) south west of Brisbane.

Beaudesert offers significant lifestyle options as well as potential for investment profits. It has property that is significantly less expensive that other areas around Brisbane (although prices are catching up) while offering everything you need in a friendly, township atmosphere.

You would do well to consider Beaudesert property as part of your portfolio and as a lifestyle option, it ranks well.

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