7 Ways To Help You Choose
Better Gifts For Men

By Matt Brown

Of all gift-buying experiences, selecting a great gift for that man in your life can be the hardest. Whether it's your husband, boyfriend, brother or dad, it's often so easy to choose 'safe' gifts year after year rather than something more adventurous. 

This can often made worse by the fact that getting some men to open up about their gift preferences is virtually impossible. 

Despite this, no man is immune to the power of a great gift, so here are some helpful tips to ensure that choosing better gifts for men becomes that little bit easier. 

1. Firstly, make a promise to yourself to avoid the classic boring men's' gifts. By this I mean tasteless ties, dull socks, plain handkerchiefs and the other usual suspects! The type of stuff that men get by the truckload every year. 

So even if grandpa has been receiving the same shirt and tie sets from you for the last 20 years, delight him with something really different this time around. 

2. A hobby or interest is always a good place to start. Golf, fishing, ball games and motor sports can all provide great gift ideas. Special sports club souvenirs, rare memorabilia and cool golf and fishing accessories all provide wonderful possibilities as well. 

3. Whether in choice of gift, presentation, or how you spend the day, concentrate on making it memorable. Even if you only have a few hours together with your husband after work, for instance, you can still make it a romantic and very special evening. 

Treat him to a hot scented bath followed by a relaxing and sensual massage. Rustle up his favorite dinner (alternatively, try a new restaurant), and then spice things up afterwards by treating yourself (and him!) to some stunning new lingerie. 

4. Any gift that is personalized instantly becomes a lot more exciting and unique. Whether it's everyday items like t-shirts and mugs, or more exotic gifts like signet rings, glass goblets or silverware, personalizing is a brilliant way to make a gift special, and is a great choice for an important milestone. 

5. Gift baskets make incredibly versatile gifts. Although admittedly not first choice gifts for teenagers or men in their twenties, the massive variety available and their potential for customization make them one of the best gift options out there. 

Just about anything from gourmet food and drink to relaxation products and small sports items can go into a basket. The possibilities are endless, and if you feel like getting creative and doing the whole thing yourself, then you can produce a truly individual gift. 

6. Make the effort to pick something unique, eye-catching or in some way different. Try to remember that every man is an individual, and not necessarily a golf-mad, gadget-obsessed, DIY enthusiast! 

The man that you buy for might just as likely to be an opera buff or a twitcher. Think about them as a person rather than just 'a man' and try to connect with what really makes them tick before you choose your gift. 

7. Give yourself time to think about it and write a list!! How much time do any of us realistically devote to gift shopping? So much is done at the last minute in hectic malls that inspiration is basically out the window! 

Nowadays, many people are starting to find shopping from home a more leisurely and enjoyable experience. The internet offers an enormous range of inspiring gift ideas that can be accessed instantly, and this tends to make the whole process of gift selection easier and more rewarding.

About the Author - Matt Brown is the owner of www.originalbirthdaygifts.com  which provides plenty of great ideas for exciting and unusual birthday gifts.