How to you compare conventional photography to digital photography?

We're often asked how to compare conventional photography with digital photography by people who aren't sure if they want to grab a conventional SLR or a digital camera for either hobby or professional work.

Of course there are many differences between the two, not just in the actual photography process and the cameras used, but in the long term cost difference between the two mediums. Trying to compare conventional photography and digital photography could be likened to comparing apples with oranges. 

They are both fruits, but they certainly aren't the same.

For a start, conventional photography uses completely different (some would say inferior) technology, requires dangerous chemical processes and expensive labor costs to produce prints on the downside, and can produce quite stunning results in the hands of somebody who is trained in the use of a quality camera on the upside.

Digital photography on the other hand can produce similar quality (or better depending on who is taking the shots :-) while saving resources, time and money in the process.

Digital photos can be produced on demand without needing negatives, can be emailed instantly around the world, and can be stored forever on digital devices for later retrieval as required.

Bottom line...there are horses for courses, and a good photographer can create beautiful images using a conventional camera, but for our money (and most of our readers), digital photography is the way to go.

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