So What's This Investing
Business All About?

In this series of articles we look at how you can get started as a part time or even a professional investor.

Investing is the ultimate lifestyle business, but it's not just a matter of grabbing some cash and throwing it at the first thing you see.

These articles, while no substitute for professional financial advice (which you should always get before you invest in ANYTHING) will give you an introduction to the wonderful world of investing...

Ok, let's get started...

First up we have Investing Basics – What Are Your Investment Goals where we look at where to start in the investment business.

Then we look at Investment Types and the different places you can invest your money.

Before you invest, you have to determine your risk tolerance...but how do you do that?

Once it's Time To Determine Where You Will Invest, you'll need to research your's how.

So now you're ready, how much money should you invest? This article looks at your options so you don't run yourself short.

Next we look at Online Trading of Stocks, Options, Futures and more. These higher risk, higher return investments can give you lots of leverage and bang for your buck, but you have to know what you are doing...

We'll be adding many more articles here over the next few days, so call back often. In the mean time, I'd like to offer you something really special...

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