Fancy an outdoor room where you'll yearn to spend all your time? 


The Gazebo Ideas Guide is here for your inspirational pleasure! Think of it as an idea-filled tour of distinctive and useful gazebo ideas! 

Use it as motivation to create the backyard of your dreams. And you'll have everyday activities spilling out into your green space! 

We'll take a fresh look at the latest trends in gazebos, gazebo decorations, and gazebo furniture. 

You'll also find backyard recipes, gazebo lifestyle tips, craft projects, or solution solvers at the end of most Gazebo Ideas Guide articles. 

Gone are the days of metal folding chairs arranged around a table on a concrete slab.

Today, we're looking to enhance and prolong a relaxing lifestyle. 

We're moving outdoors where cushioned sofas and overstuffed chairs on flagstone patios are nestled under gazebos. And fire pits, lighting, water-resistant outdoor electronics, cook stations, and soothing water features are all standard fair. 

New materials and gazebo conveniences make them easier to construct, maintain, and decorate.

So, pamper yourself with a fabulous gazebo getaway -- just steps from your door. 

You'll have a relaxed, comfortable outdoor space to welcome family, hang out with friends, dine alfresco, and unwind after a long day. 

Start your gazebo adventure today!

The Gazebo Ideas Guide is brimming with gazebo siting, construction, landscaping, and decorating hints, tips, techniques, and ideas.

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Gazebo Ideas Guide