How To Choose The
Right Pearl Jewelry

by Mindy Pearl

For a touch of both classical elegance and modern fashion, little can compete with the timeless beauty a pearl necklace can offer.

How to find the right pearl jewelry?

Consider wearer’s complexion, age, body shape and dress.

1. Skin complexion:

Different pearl colors compliment different skin tones. Right choice of a pearl color can highlight the skin tone and give a lift in life.

White is the most popular color and suits the widest range of skin tones. Nevertheless,

  • Fair skins are well matched with white pearls.
  • Tanned and dark skin tones are harmonized with creamy and golden pearls.
2. Age:

Age plays a distinct role in selecting the length of the necklace and the size of pearl. In general, young ladies look better with shorter necklace and smaller pearl; longer necklace with larger pearl look good on old ladies.

  • Simple, shorter necklace of smaller pearls show best on youthful necklines. Necklaces closer to the throat can show off smooth skin. Contrarily, flashier, bigger, and wider necklaces on young ladies do not enhance but detract.
  • Longer chains (18 - 24 inches in general) with larger pearl (>7 mm) on older women will help draw attention away from the neck and any other apparent imperfections.
3. Body shape:

Customize your necklace style to your proportions.

  • If you have a long neck, a single or multi-strand collar (12-13 inches) or choker (14-16 inches) will accentuate your charm and grace.
  • If your neck is shorter, a longer strand such as a matinee (20-24 inches) or opera (28-34 inches) will "elongates" the neck, creating an overall harmonizing look.

Choose a pearl necklace of right length to complement the dress.

  • Shorter necklace such as pearl collar or choker is perfect for the off-the-shoulder grace of wedding gowns. They also complement evening gowns and "V" neck sweaters.
  • Longer necklace such as pearl princess (17-19 inches) is the most versatile necklace length. It is suited to everyday sports and business wear, providing a classic, timeless elegance to every kind of outfit.

Pearls make a woman shine. A poetic metaphor for life, pearl is a perfect gift for all occasions. A simple strand of pearl necklace can take a woman through every moment in her life, every outfit in her wardrobe. 

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