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Marketing Articles To Help You Succeed With Your SBI Site...

I've chosen these articles from the hundreds I've read to help you with various aspects of building your Solo Build It website. I'll be referring to some of them at various times in the coaching course, but feel free to read any that you feel will be helpful.

OK, let's get started...

Here are 3 Affiliate Marketing Website Models For Your Online Business that will give you ideas on how to create an affiliate site using Solo Build It.

One question I've asked myself as I struggled to make it online originally is, "How did Yanik Silver go from a standing start to banking mega profits?" This article will show you his three inner secrets to Internet success.

What's really involved in building a high profit Internet business. This article by Jimmy Brown shows you how to accomplish your goals by planning and executing your plans properly.

Most website owners leave a massive amount of money on the table because they don't take every opportunity to ask their customers for money. This article by Yanik Silver discusses three overlooked profit opportunities on your website.

If you write and distribute articles to generate traffic (and you should), here are 5 Things You Always Wanted To Ask About Article Marketing

If the results you are currently getting from your email marketing aren't what you'd hoped for, then this article entitled How to Pull In As Much Profit As Your Wallet Will Hold With Opt-In Lists by Jimmy Brown will help you to fix that right up.

Are carrying buckets instead of building a pipeline? If you are getting paid based on the hours you work, it's like carrying buckets to a fire instead of using a fire hose. 

The same goes with your Internet business. Learn how to create a lifetime of residual profits from your online business in this great article by Yanik Silver.

Would you like to be able to tap in to a virtually unlimited source of (Scam Free) website traffic? In this article entitled How to Generate As Much Free Traffic As Your Server Can Stand, Jimmy Brown hands you this exact system on a silver platter.

Why settle for selling a $19 ebook when you can sell high priced products from your website? But how? This article by Yanik Silver shows you how you can sell high priced products both online and offline.

So, when is your Independence Day? In this article by Yanik Silver, he discusses how you can have your own Independence Day and liberate yourself from your job forever.

Ever wondered how to create unique bonuses to add value to your products and services? This article by Yanik Silver, entitled The Little Known Marketing Secret That's Free For The Taking looks at one of the most under-utilized resources you'll ever find, and it's absolutely FREE!

Do you know how to make this year the best one ever? This article by Yanik silver looks at how he has helped some of his apprentices do just that...

What can you learn from the Italians about persuasion? In this article by Yanik Silver, he talks about shopping in Italy and some of the neat tricks he saw merchant's using while he was there.

If you would like to know how to get more people to take notice of what you write, check out How to use the Power of the World's Easiest and Most Effective Headline Format to Turbo Charge Your Business by Yanik Silver

Are you sick of working hard and still not getting to where you want to go? This article by Yanik entitled Why Working Hard Is Not Enough spells out what you have to do to fix the situation

I'll be adding more articles in the future, so keep an eye out for updates.

Once again, I'd like to thank you for being part of my online family, and I wish you massive success with your SBI website.

Warmest regards,



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