"How to Make More Money With Information Products Than Ever Before By Using Three Powerful
NO COST Tools..."

By Jimmy D. Brown of Small Reports Fortune

It’s all under your control.

If you sell information products and want to make more money with them, there’s good news:

It’s all under your control.

That’s right, you can make more money with your information products simply by doing something that you have the power to do.

It’s not dependent upon anyone else. It’s up to you.

Let me explain …

While there are a lot of different aspects of selling information products, there are really only two ways to make more money with them …

Sell More

Refund Less

Really, it’s pretty much that simple.

In order to make more money with information products you need to either SELL MORE or REFUND LESS.

Or, better still, do BOTH. 

Now, in the many years I’ve been selling information products, I’ve found there are three powerful tools that will help you do just that.

You can use these three tools to SELL MORE by using them on your classified ads, solo mailings, sales letters, autoresponder messages and virtually any sales tool.

You can also use these three tools to REFUND LESS by applying them to the information products you create. 

Care to find out what they are?

Read on …

Three Powerful Tools

What makes these tools so powerful is a combination of important benefits

  • They don’t cost a penny to use.

  • They work over and over again.

  • They are under your control.

In fact, you already have them. 

These three powerful tools are WAYS TO USE WORDS.

Tool #1. Education. When it comes to information products, nothing comes close to the power and profitability of educating your readers.

I’m talking the distance between the planet Pluto and the computer screen you’re now staring at.

Not even remotely close.

Content is king. Nobody else gets to wear the crown or sit on the throne. Content rules the land of information products.

So, first things first, you gotta give your readers information that educates them. You gotta teach them something. 

Do this in your promotion tools (ezine articles, reports, sales letters, etc.) and you’ll have readers thinking “This person knows something … I better take a closer look.”


Educate customers in your information products and show them how to produce results in their own lives and you’ll make them happy, satisfied customers.


Tool #2. Entertainment. To be completely honest, it’s not enough to solely provide content. Even if it’s good content, that won’t always get the job done.

Think of it this way: your high school civics teacher provided you with (too much) content in a single 55-minute class, but would you really buy anything from him?

Maybe a hall pass or a set of earplugs, but that’s about it. :o)

Nobody likes to read BORING content. We turn off boring television programs, we fall asleep reading boring books and we keep our credit cards tucked firmly inside our pockets when we read boring sales letters, ezine articles, solo mailings or special reports.

Make it fun. Make it entertaining. And you can do that by using …

* Illustrations
* Funny stories
* Analogies
* Outrageous statements

I once wrote an article entitled “I’ll Swallow A Live Grasshopper If This Doesn’t Boost Your Website Traffic”.

Do you think anyone read it?

Ask yourself this: would YOU like to read it? 

We love to have a good time, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t apply that reasoning to your writing.

Keep readers interested as they consume your promotion materials by entertaining them.


Help customers enjoy reading page after page of your product by entertaining them.


When you add entertainment to education, you’ll make more money with information products …

… faster than you can say “ “LIVE GRASSHOPPER.” :o)

Tool #3. Emotion. Whether it’s outrage over an injustice, excitement over a success or piqued interest over a possibility, our emotions drive us.

Few decisions are based on intelligent analysis, but rather on emotional response. Few actions are based on accurate data, but rather on impulsive feelings.

We are emotional people. And there is no stronger proof of that than to watch what we do and to listen to what we say.

Your job is to get us emotional. Fill us with hope. Empower us. Give us courage. Motivate us. Issue a challenge. Inspire. Get us to do something.

That’s what we really want. More than education, more than entertainment – we want someone to compel us to do something to make our lives better.

And the power and profits go to the ones who can do that.

Fill readers with hope and expectation with your marketing materials. 


Give your customers confidence and enthusiasm as they read chapter after chapter of your information product.



If you want to make more money with information products, then you CAN do it. You’re in charge. It’s under your control.

  • Education.

  • Entertainment.

  • Emotion.

Three powerful tools that lead to incredible profits.

But, only if you use them.

Some will read this article and discard it like they have done with countless others.

And some will get busy.

I think you’ll be one of the few who will make more money.

Prove me right.


Jimmy D. Brown is the author of Small Reports Fortune - if you can write 7-15 page small reports, you can earn a living online working just a few hours each week from your home. 

Look for his EXCLUSIVE formula for "Creating A Six-Figure Income With Small Reports" at his Small Reports Website.