Belly Dancing, Oriental Dancing, and Belly Dancing Workshops

Since Belly Dancing hit our TV screens on the popular and respected "Good Medicine" show, there's been no turning back! 

Belly Dancing is a great form of entertainment after a pleasant and relaxing dinner, and it is now sweeping the nation as an effective and enjoyable fitness regimen. 

This form of dancing has evolved from Middle Eastern dance, sometimes described as oriental dance. In Arabic, "balady" generally means "native," "of the folk," or "of the country." 

This is thought to be the origin of the English name "Belly Dancing". Performed in rituals to bind the body with the soul, Belly Dancing was seen as a fertility rite for mothers-to-be. 

Many of the moves had a functional basis in the development of muscles for childbirth. Over time, the dance was performed in all types of ceremonies, including informal gatherings and religious events. 

Belly dancing has been passed down from generation to generation, and we see erotic elements in the dance that evolved from these primitive origins. 

Belly Dancing as an exercise routine! You will find yourself moving more fluidly when you walk, and the stiffness which was hampering your life, will be gone. 

Belly dancing offers women a number of benefits:

  • A hobby that encourages fantasy and self expression 

  • Exercise 

  • Friendship and support

A professional career performing and teaching

The popularity of 'belly' dancing is that it offers a gentle form of exercise. Graceful hip movements activate all the muscle groups in the torso, the spine, the neck working with the body's natural inclinations. 

Unlike classical dance, such as ballet, Belly dancing does not force the body into un-natural movements. Graceful moves strengthen the muscles and ligaments that hold the spine together. 

The stronger and more flexible the spine, the less chance of injury or chronic pain. Gradually the moves become second nature, developing flexibility in the body. Moving the hips, lower back and all other joints, encourage a better stance, 

All these movements will reduce the effects of stress. All the movements used in Belly Dancing are designed to strengthen the muscles and improve flexibility. The muscles work on the internal organs of the body and improve their performance. 

You'll walk taller, have less stress, less stiffness and feel so much better about life 

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