Thinking Of Starting Your Own Investment Club?

This course is designed to give you all the information you need to start an investment club, including how to set one up with the minimum of fuss and keep it running successfully.

You’ll be able to start your own investment club after you read this book and follow the steps outlined here.

There are many investment clubs around the country that have been running for a long time and more and more people are joining all the time.

With a bit of work and planning you too can be part of a successful investment club.

There are many things you'll need to consider before you start your club.

Things ranging from legal issues, banking arrangements, licensing requirements, meeting arrangements, and all sorts of other items.

This course will endeavour to simplify the process for you and give you some step by step guidleines to follow...

While reading this course you’ll learn the following:

  • What an investment club is all about

  • The excitement of investing

  • Why you should start an investing club

  • Personal reasons for starting an investment club

  • Characteristics that should be present in both the investment club and its members

  • The different types of investors

  • How to find members for an investment club

  • What to expect from the first meeting

  • What types of officers to elect for the club

  • Different types of business models

  • How to register your investment club

  • The importance of a mission statement

  • The importance of an education program

  • Types of brokers

  • Types of investment software

  • Resources for investment clubs

  • The most active stocks today

  • The meaning of stock symbols

  • A glossary of investing terms

This book will get you up and investing in no time and can be used as a guideline for successfully starting your own investment club.

The important thing is to have fun investing and learning about the stock market with a group of people that share your interests.

The complete course on how to start an investment club will be online shortly. Until then, thanks for visiting and please come back soon...

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