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The Bloodhound is a familiar sight in movies that feature escaped convicts. Although the sound of these big dogs baying as they find the scent they are searching for may be a chilling sound to an escapee, it can also be a very comforting sound if you are lost in the wilderness or stuck somewhere you'd rather now be....

After all, Bloodhounds are also used to track people who are lost or disoriented.

The Bloodhound, which is a member of the American Kennel Club's Hound Group, stands twenty three to twenty seven inches tall and weighs in at eighty to one hundred ten pounds.

These dogs are known for their long droopy ears and their gloomy looking wrinkled faces.

have short coats of coarse hair, which can come in black and tan, red, or liver and tan colors.

Although criminals fear Bloodhounds, these dogs are actually too sweet to be used as guard or attack dogs.

It is true that a Bloodhound will track down a man's scent, but these dogs do not hunt people to hurt them. 

Bloodhound Picture

Bloodhounds need to work with handlers because they will rush right up to a hardened killer and great him like a long lost friend.

While their gentle nature makes these dogs a wonderful choice for families, Bloodhounds do have some quirks.

This breed is a decision maker, which means it does not do well with obedience training.

The same traits that enable this breed to track down scents make the Bloodhound less likely to obey and more stubborn than most other breeds.

Teaching your Bloodhound to obey involves a lot of patience and understanding. Never yell at him or treat him roughly, as he may become permanently scarred from this treatment.

If you can't teach your dog to obey commands, you may want to consider getting help from a professional dog trainer who uses positive reinforcement methods.

Although the Bloodhound loves to spend time with its family, this breed cannot endure life in the city. Bloodhounds need more exercise than most breeds.

A house with a large fenced yard is ideal. You may also need to take your Bloodhound for long walks to burn off excess energy.

Bloodhounds enjoy eating and can make a considerable difference in your grocery budget.

Since these dogs can suffer from stomach problems and are prone to developing hip dysphasia, you may want to consult your veterinarian to see if you should use a special dog food for your Bloodhound.

Although Bloodhounds do not need to be brushed frequently, they do need to have their face wrinkles and creases cleaned to prevent odours and bacteria growth.

You also should be prepared for your dog to develop ear infections if enough air does not circulate to his ears.

Any breed that has been around long before the Dark Ages will have a few health problems. Besides hip dysphasia and stomach problems, the Bloodhound can suffer from eyelid problems.

However, the Bloodhound's most frustrating problem is not actually a disease. The droopy lips that add to this breed's mournful appearance cause the Bloodhound to drool and slobber more than most other breeds.

If you want a dog breed that has withstood the test of time and still has a wonderful personality, you may want to take a close look at the Bloodhound.

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