Example Of A Cover Letter Template

Just copy and paste this Cover Letter Template into a document and follow along with the recommended layout as you draft your Cover Letter…

Your full name
Your full mailing address
Your City, state, and zip
Your Telephone number(s)
Your Email address

Today’s date

Your addressee’s full name
Their professional title
The Organization name
Their mailing address
Their City, state and zip

Dear Mr. (full name here) or Ms. (full name here),

Open your letter with something that will command attention—a statement that establishes you to your reader. Briefly state which job or position you are applying for.

The secondary section of your letter should be highly relevant to the position applied for. Offer one or two (brief) paragraphs that point to why you are the best one for the job. Do NOT simply summarize your resume!

Your closing paragraph is critical to your success! You need to initiate action! Do this by explaining what action you will take, such as: I will call you at such and such a time to arrange an interview. If not being so forward, end with: I look forward to your response. If you leave the calling in their hands always state: Please contact me to set up a good time for an interview and make certain they have your contact information at hand.

Always finish your letter with:

Sincerely yours, or Yours truly, or similar

Your signature written by hand

Your name (typewritten)

Enclosure (you can type in “resume” after Enclosure, or leave blank)

Here’s a full cover letter you can copy and modify to suit your own personal style and the position you are seeking …

Jennifer Tilly
2150 Orange Grove
New York, NY 55555
(555) 555-5555

February 20, 2005

Mr. John Smythe
Icon Management
5854 Tombon Road
New York, NY 55555

Dear Mr. Smythe

I am writing to you with regards to your advertisement, February 19th, in the Washington Post, for a Sales Assistant, specializing in Public Relations and Marketing. As you can see from my enclosed resume, my experience and qualifications match this position's requirements.

I especially would like to point out at this time that I graduated from the renowned Brown’s Public Relations College and I have a history of exemplary service in the field of Marketing and Advertising. I have had the very good fortune of working side-by-side with seasoned PR representatives, this past 5 years.

During my stay with DeClerc Advertising, I added 30 new clients to their already impressive roster and I was quickly promoted through the ranks all within my first year.

I look forward to the opportunity to speak with you and I will call you within the next three days to arrange an interview that will be convenient for you.


Enclosure (this is your resume)


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