Fishing Accessories - Fishing's
Tools Of The Trade

You're about to head off to go fishing...but what fishing accessories do you need to pack to make the most of your trip? This article looks at what fishing accessories are mandatory and which ones are nice to have but not absolutely necessary.

Fishing accessories come in all types, sizes and price ranges from basic to star quality and everything in between.

This guide will help you decide on which ones are right for you...

It's a cold day. Yes, fall has arrived.

This is a great time for fishing, so you gather up your fishing equipment and head out.

You walk through a forest where the trees are dressed in their fall colors of red, gold and orange. They look beautiful with the evergreen backdrop.

Then, you come to the edge of a swiftly moving stream where there is a great fishing opportunity. You set down your tackle box and your rod and reel, slip off your new water proof jacket and slip a pair of hip waders on over your fisherman's vest.

These are just a few of the many fishing accessories that are available.

Your fishing rod and reel is the backbone of your fishing equipment.

If you are a casual fisherman, fishing hobbyist or are buying equipment for children, go with the basic rod and reel.

Fishing tackle can range from simple to extremely complicated.

Basic tackle includes hooks, sinkers, bobbers, fishing line and a pair of needle nosed pliers for removing your catch if it swallows the hook, plus you may also wish to buy a net.

If you are choosing a fishing net, choose a size that will easily hold the fish species that you are fishing for.

You don't want a small net if you are fishing for salmon and don't want a huge net if you are fishing for rock bass. If you fish for a variety of fish species, you might want to consider buying both a small and a large net.

Electronic fishing alarms allow you to know when you have a fish on your line.

With these, your fishing line threads through a slot in the alarm head. If you get a bite, the alarm beeps and an LED display flashes. There are a wide variety of good electronic fishing alarms on the market.

Clothing for fisherman can range from simple to elaborate.

One necessity is a fishing hat and sunglasses that will shade your face from the sun.

A good fishing vest with lots of pockets also comes in handy, especially if you plan to wade into a stream.

Waders come in thigh or chest type and are great for getting out into the water to extend your casting length. You may need suspenders to keep your fishing waders supported.

In spring and fall, a good waterproof jacket and gloves are essential to keep you dry in foul weather. Rain suits are also available in one and two piece suits.

Other accessories are forceps, a scissor, a flashlight, wading shoes, a fishing belt, a gaff, which is used for big game fish, a tackle box or bag, pliers, pocket thermometers, angling pliers, and a good fishing knife and sharpener.

These are all accessories that will aid you in your fishing experience. Be sure to take along a floatation vest or life jacket if you are fishing from a boat.

Before choosing expensive accessories or tackle, be sure it is right for the job and right for you.

There are many factors to be taken into consideration, including the species of fish you are after.

If you are not sure what fishing accessories you will need, or if you have trouble choosing, ask a family member, a friend, or a staff member of the local bait and tackle shop to help you assemble the fishing accessories that you will need for the particular fish species you are fishing for.

We hope these tips on fishing accessories help you to catch lots of big ones...To read more about fishing, click here to return to the Fishing Home Page

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