Great Spots To Take A
Fishing Vacation

Planning on spending some time away on the perfect fishing vacation? This guide shares some of the world's best places to get away from it all and fish amongst some of the most spectacular scenery and best fishing spots around.

The waters of the world are full of fish and there are thousands of spots to take a fishing vacation.

So, when you pack up and head out for your next adventure, it is your own personal preference of where you choose to go. 

However, there are some great fishing spots that are highly recommended for their unique fishing opportunities.

Long Island, New York

At Long Island's tip, you will find Montauk Point. The world's top naturalists have studied the area and concluded that this is the place where the majority of the world's fish are found. 

The point is a glacial cliff. Fish species found at Montauk Point include tuna, marlin, cod, mackerel, striped bass, white shark and a variety of others. Montauk Point is also the location of the oldest lighthouse in New York State. 

Cast your bait from the rocks below the lighthouse for the area's best fishing opportunities and you won't be disappointed. 

Spring and fall fishing is best along the Point, but many species of fish can also be caught in the summer months.

Wyoming, USA

If you are looking to catch trophy trout in the US, a vacation to Yellowstone National Park is a must. 

Slough Creek is full of trophy trout, as are other streams within the Park's boundaries, and they are all stocked regularly. Streams and rivers outside of the Park also offer great fishing opportunities, as do the waters of nearby Idaho and Montana. 

Wyoming is home to 62 native species, including Arctic grayling, burbot, channel catfish, shiners, chub, several trout species, suckers, goldeneye, mountain whitefish, shovelnose sturgeon, and a wide variety of smaller fish. 

Hampshire, England

Believe it or not, there are great fly fishing opportunities for vacationing anglers just a few miles outside of London. 

In the chalk streams of the area, you will catch trout and Atlantic salmon. The Itchen and Test rivers offer unique fishing opportunities. 

The areas around these rivers are on private land and a fee is required, but all are very reasonably priced. 

The Itchen area is where the first artificial nymphs were invented and this area of Hampshire will fulfil all of your fishing vacation dreams. There are many trout fisheries and trout fishing clubs in Hampshire.

Manitoba, Canada

Don't overlook Manitoba, Canada, as a fishing vacation destination. 

Known as the 'Land of Lakes', there are hundreds of trophy fishing opportunities for both still and fly fishing anglers. Though northern pike can also be caught in the US and other countries, Manitoba has whoppers that will put up a terrific fight. 

Northern pike strike hard and fast on the American lure known as the 'Daredevil'. Flies can also be used with much success. 

Other species that can be fished in the Land of Lakes include rainbow, brook and brown trout, channel catfish and perch and pickerel. 

The best time to take a fishing vacation to Manitoba would be spring or fall, but many fish can also be caught during the summer months.

The Florida Keys

The Florida Keys offer a wide range of fishing opportunities for sea anglers and they flock to the area year round. 

Ernest Hemingway fished at Key West and it still offers the same opportunities today that it did then. The waters surrounding the Marquesas Islands offer tarpin, and bonefish. 

Other species caught in this area include blue marlin, black grouper, King mackerel, sailfish, yellowfin, barracuda, shark snapper and wahoo. 

Missouri, USA

If you want the optimum outdoor experience, plan a fishing vacation in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri. Here you can fish for bass beneath the towering limestone bluffs that are part of Missouri's rivers. 

Missouri is home to over two hundred fish species, including several bass species, channel catfish, blue and flathead catfish, sunfish, bluegills, bullheads, muskellunge, walleye, shiners, lamprey, shad, pickerel, perch, trout gar, sturgeon and more. 

This State has more fish species than any other in the entire USA. 

Tips for a Fishing Vacation

Instead of packing all of your fishing gear to haul around the world, use a fishing guide service that provides all necessary equipment in the price of their service. 

When booking a guide service, ask about years of experience, licensing, insurance and if they are bonded. Ask for references from people who have used their services. Be sure to check these references carefully. If a guide service hesitates when asked for services, run the other way as fast as you can.

Ask the guide service to provide necessary fishing licenses, permits and information on exporting your catch if you wish to do so. If this is the case, check with your Customs Office to see if you are allowed to import your fish from other countries. 

Ask the guide service the best time of year to book a fishing expedition for success in catching your targeted fish species. 

Check with the local Chamber of Commerce, Better Business Bureau or the equivalent in the area where you will be vacationing to find out more about the guide service that you are planning to hire. 

Some areas mandate that you hire a licensed guide to fish. Check regulations of the area where you will be taking your fishing vacation. 

If you have trouble choosing a destination for your fishing vacation, ask someone you know where they have enjoyed the ultimate fishing experience. Research your local library and Internet to find the perfect fishing vacation for you. 

We hope this guide to fishing some of the best vacations has helped you decide where you'd like to go for your next adventure...To read more about fishing, click here to return to the Fishing Home Page


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