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The Mini Course will give you lots of inspiring ideas on how you can turn your favorite hobby, skill or pastime into a profitable business if you've ever wondered what was involved in doing just that...

And here at Hobby and Lifestyle you'll find an ever expanding range of topics covering everything from pet ownership to travel and lots of other things in between.

Just choose the hobby or lifestyle category that interests you from the menu on the left, or click on one of the links below, grab a beverage of choice and enjoy reading through the articles and information on your favorite topic.

We've put together a series of articles on all of these topics -


Dog ownership, training and care - Dog ownership can be both a hobby and lifestyle decision, one that can't be taken lightly. This series of articles looks at many different types of dogs and goes through the pros and cons of each one.

Cat ownership and care Owning a cat can also be both a hobby and a lifestyle choice, so this section of the website looks at the things you need to know before you take the plunge and buy your furry friend.

Blogging for fun and profit Blogs are big business these days. In fact, blogs are rivaling websites for popularity for both personal and marketing purposes. But what exactly is a blog? In this series of articles, we'll look at blogs and blogging and get you up to speed on one of the fastest growing hobbies today.

Start an online auction business from home Tips and information on starting and managing your own profitable online auction business.

Tips and ideas for getting the best out of your radio controlled car. RC cars are becoming more and more popular every week. This series of articles looks at owning radio controlled cars and gives you tips and ideas of getting the most out of yours.

Chess Chess is a very popular hobby that combines strategy with patience. This series of articles looks at the common moves players make and gives tips and ideas to help you win at chess.

Fishing A global past-time and hobby to millions, fishing is big business. This series of articles looks at fishing techniques and gives information and tips to help you catch the big ones.


What to expect in your baby's first year - Having a baby can be one of the biggest lifestyle choices you'll ever make, especially if it's your first child. This series of articles will show you what to expect from your baby's first year.

And if you are trying to conceive, then Kirstyn Sierra, my friend over at Essential Conception Guide, has some wonderful advice on how to get pregnant fast including a free video that shows you one of the most important secrets on how to get pregnant that most women never know. Check out her free video here.

Getting rid of annoying Acne Acne can be an embarrassing and often painful problem for people of all ages. Here's your complete guide to treating acne and getting your life back...

If you are searching for discount travel, with up to 70% off your next cruise, skiing adventure or vacation, then visit our sister site and compare the difference...a short (or even a long :) vacation could be the perfect way to get away from it all and really enjoy yourself...

Build a profitable web business Imagine the lifestyle advantages of working from home, doing something you love, and getting paid for it. A web business can give you this and much, much more. This series of articles looks at the steps you need to take to set up and build a profitable web business.

...with more topics being added all the time.

Plus, we're always happy to add articles from our readers, so if you'd like your hobby or lifestyle related article to be added to this site, please let us know by using the Contact Form.

So now, sit back and enjoy reading and learning about your favorite topics...

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