Where can I find an
inexpensive puppy?

Question - I am looking to buy a male Rottweiler that I can eventually use as a stud dog but I need an inexpensive puppy.

I've searched the internet and so far I have not been able to afford any of the puppies I like I'm wondering if there are any good, inexpensive puppies out there. 

Unfortunately, our budget doesn't stretch to several thousand dollars.

We live in a small town in the mid west and any help you can give we would appreciate.

Answer - I can certainly understand your frustration at not being able to find an affordable Rottweiler puppy. We were in the same boat when we were looking for a German shepherd when we can across Chloe.

She was the last of her litter (the other 5 had sold in one day) and even though she was going to cost us a lot more than what we were planning to spend, she came home in the car with us that day...she just won our hearts.

I am reluctant to recommend that you buy an inexpensive or sub standard puppy because you will potentially set yourself up for a lot of problems in the future, especially if you intend breeding with him.

Quality dogs do command premium prices, and by investing (because that is what you are doing with this puppy if you are going to breed with him, not to mention the lifestyle and financial benefits of having a happy, healthy dog) in a good quality dog at this stage you will go a long way towards ensuring that you come home with a good well rounded dog and you will be in a position to capitalize on his value when it comes time to breed with him.

I am sorry that I am unfamiliar with any quality breeders in your area. 

Perhaps you should contact your local Rottweiler clubs and ask for contacts or referrals.

You have to be careful choosing puppies - meeting the parents is critical in determining how the pup is likely to turn out, although nothing is certain of course.

So Chloe says keep looking...

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Chloe and Rocky


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