Top 10 Fastest Ways to Organize Your Living Room

By Michelle O’Connor, Big Bear Home For Sale

What a Mess!

Living rooms in homes probably receive the harshest treatment from any other room in the house, save the kitchen.  This is where people who are visiting come to sit and talk.  This is where your children run and play while you are trying to watch your favorite TV program. This may be where, in a smaller house, the diaper changing table for your baby may be kept. 

Living rooms are where most spend much of their time at home.  Some use it for a quiet place where friends can come to talk and they can read, and others use it for recreation, to watch TV, listen to music or just about anything else.  But, there is one thing that all living room share- living. 

These rooms get a lot of use on a daily basis.  This is why it is important to minimize the mess and clutter in these rooms where you spend much of your time.

Minimize Clutter

This article will make a list of tips that you can use to minimize the clutter in you living room and organize it so that it is livable.

1.) Try to keep toys out of the living room.  If you are firm with this, it will assure that you keep it clutter –free.  (If you must keep the toys in the living room, a wooden toy box might be just the thing to keep a classy, yet organized look).

2.) Have a place for everything.  If you put things away in a regular spot, they are less likely to make your living room a ‘catch all’ for stuff that is without a home.  

3.) Do not use the living room for dining.  This will keep glasses, plates and other dining utensils out of it. 

4.) Do not overcrowd your living room.  If friends keep offering furniture, learn to say ‘no!’  Remember simple means less clutter and more space. 

5.) No more projects done in the living room.  Puzzles, knitting and such are fine.  But, try not to build model airplanes, use a sewing machine and engage other activities that may leave large items right in your way.

Maximize Use

There are many ways you can maximize the use of your living room and ensure that is livable.

6.) Rearrange your furniture.  If your loveseat sofa or couch is lopsided, then it may muss up the appearance. 

7.) Don’t leave large space between the walls and the furniture.  This only minimizes your space and makes less room for enjoyment. 

8.) Go with a theme.  A theme often introduces and aesthetic feel makes your room seem more enjoyable, such as, classic, traditional, modern and so on. 

9.) Hire an interior decorator.  If you have the means, allow a professional to come in and make your living space the best it can be. 

10.) Lastly, try some artwork.  This always seems to make a room more cheery and bright.

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