Is A Persian the Right Cat For You?

The grumpy looking face and long coat of the beautiful Persian cat are familiar characteristics to most cat lovers. 

After all, this striking cat breed has been well known since it was first developed in the eighteen hundreds. 

However, these cats are certainly not the perfect breed for everyone, since caring for the lush coat of the Persian breed can be a bit time consuming.

The Persian's most well known characteristic is probably it's face. 

This breed has tiny, rounded ears, very round eyes that are set far apart, and a short nose that gives the cat's face a pushed in appearance. 

A large, muscular body, a short neck, stocky legs, and a short, bushy tail complete the cat's distinctive look. These cats weigh in at eight to fifteen pounds.

However, Persians are also well known for their long, thick coats and a well groomed cat is breath taking. 

Hair flows gracefully around his body. Of course, if the cat has not been properly groomed, he can look quite shabby instead. 

This breed has a coat that tangles and becomes matted very quickly and you should be prepared to groom your cat once a day to keep his coat in good shape. 

Cats that do develop bad tangles will have to be clipped down to the skin. This is very stressful for the cat, since he will have to be sedated. 

In addition, clipping will make him more susceptible to the cold in winter months. 

The Persian's beautiful coat comes in Black, Chocolate, Red, Blue, Lilac, Cream, Chinchilla, Silver, and White colors. 

White cats can have blue, orange, or mismatched eye colors. 

You can also find this breed in tortoiseshell, shaded, smoke, tipped, tabby, silver tabby, and bicolor patterns.

Persian's can become very affectionate...

If you don't think you can handle an extremely active and overly affectionate cat, then the Persian may be the ideal choice for you. 

This breed is not very talkative and is much calmer and more placid than most other cat breeds. 

These laid back cats are also a good choice for multiple cat homes or for homes with both cats and dogs, as they rarely fight with other animals. 

If your cat doesn't care for another pet, he will most likely just stay out of the other animal's way. The Persian's calm temperament also makes it a good family pet. 

These cats are fairly tolerant of children, as long as they are not abused. Just be sure that toddlers do not start yanking on your cat's tail and everything should be fine.

While most Persians are usually fairly healthy cats, there are a few serious problems that are common to this breed. 

These cats are often prone to kidney disease, breathing problems that are the result of their compacted faces, and reproductive problems. In addition, blue eyed white Persians are prone to deafness. 

If you are looking for a cat that is content to doze on the windowsills and enjoys an occasional petting, then the gentle Persian may just be the right cat for you and your family.

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