Newlywed Tips: Picking the House You’ll Both Love

By Michelle O’Connor – San Diego Weddings

If Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus, how can they agree when it comes to buying their first home? With most men preferring high energy sporting events to Celine Dion concerts, and most women preferring love stories over “Die Hard” it isn’t difficult to see that men and women can be headed in different directions when it comes to selecting a home.

Men and women look at homes in totally different ways - women tend to consider the emotional aspects of a house, while men are inclined to think of a home as an extension of their personalities/ hobbies.

What Women Want

When women shop for homes they look at things such as, do they like the wall paper in their bedroom, is the carpet the right color, does it “feel” good here, can I see myself cooking in the kitchen, are there enough bedrooms for future family and/or visitors etc….

Men Prefer…

Men, on the other hand, want to know if a space will work for their music room, can they see themselves watching Football in the living room, is there enough room for a boat in the garage… Most importantly, men want to know if they are getting a good deal.

Working Together

So how can people with such different perspectives come together to make a purchase that pleases both? Here are some ways for newlyweds to successfully navigate the home-buying process.

First have a good idea of what you both want before you go in to talk to a real estate agent. Take time to discuss what’s important to each of you and decide together what amenities are necessary and fit your price range. Decide on your price range first and get pre-approved for a mortgage to insure you can buy the house you want once you find it. It can be very disappointing and frustrating to spend lots of time locating your dream home only to find out you can’t afford it.

Be up front with your real estate agent as to what your priorities are how set you are on price range. Insist on only viewing homes that fall into the price range you have established. Keep from being wishy washy in order save time for both the real estate agent and yourself and from giving your agent any room to deviate from your original plan.


If there is any disagreement, excuse yourselves to talk privately. One person may not recognize the risk of buying a home outside of your price range, or may really love the kitchen while you hate the living room. Don’t discuss it in public; go home and work it out.

Final Decision

Once you decide on your home, make sure the numbers add up. This is where couples can help each other. In many cases, women are the ones who read the small print, while men tend to dwell on big picture items like warranties and inspections.

Be patient. Make sure you have talked over any concerns and that all of your questions have been answered. Allow time for both of you to examine the home. View homes during the week, when agents are less busy and can give you’re their full attention.

If couples discuss their priorities and price range in advance, take the time to gather all the necessary information, and locate a good real estate agent and make the decision together. The odds are pretty good that everybody will be happy with the new surroundings.

Article By:
Michelle O’Connor
San Diego Wedding and Coronado Weddings


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