“How To FINALLY Stop Smoking...
Once and For All”

One remarkable thing about this world we are living in is that nothing is perfect. And this element of imperfection has seeped its way into everything and everybody, which is probably why we’re always hearing, “no one is perfect.“


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But in my opinion, there’s a lot of hope and encouragement embedded in this statement because it helps us to accept ourselves as human beings - with all our inherent weaknesses and imperfections. Oh yes we all have them. 

We have our share of bad (you may read that as not-so-good) habits and deep down inside us there is a murky something from which all these base cravings and the tendency to cling on to them take birth.

But even when it comes to bad habits, there is a ray of hope. Just like every dark cloud has a silver lining, deep down inside us there is something that cries out in a very plaintive voice. And it is this something that makes us squirm when we think about the habit as such.

The moment somebody starts talking about our habit, we feel queasy. The fact is, even we know that something has to be done about it and it is this feeling that makes us squirm. This silver lining is what makes us take sneak peeks at manuals like this one, which are like stepping stones towards quitting the habit. 

Most people know what is good for them and what is bad. Come on we all live in a very civilized society and all of us are more or less fairly well educated. 

But then, why is it that certain people develop certain habits and others do not? 

The reason is pretty simple. We all are products of the circumstances we grew up in. That is the simple reason why some of us like doing some thing while the others do not. 

Before you proceed any further, I would like to tell you that this manual that you are about to read is not a “do this don’t do that” kind of manual. In fact, many of the things printed here are just common sense and won’t seem completely knew or earth-shattering to you. 

But I think you’ll agree that KNOWING doesn’t always equate to DOING. This manual is about getting you to DO.

The essence of this book is to show you how to quit smoking. But this book has been written in such a comprehensive manner that it is targeted at making you a whole new person who is determined to live life to the fullest. 

Hats Off...

But before we proceed any further, I would like to take a moment to take my hat off to you and congratulate you very warmly for deciding to take a look at this book. Come on, we’re all sensible enough to know that you didn’t just happen upon this course. 

And when you decided to order it, you made the realization (either consciously or subconsciously) that smoking is a bad habit...and one you need to kick. In my opinion, that took bravery.

I always admire brave people and that is why I said that I want to congratulate you. It requires a lot of courage and will power to accept that you have a habit that has to be changed. You ought to feel very good about yourself. It is no easy task to accept ones weaknesses. 

In fact, if everyone in this world started accepting his or her weaknesses, well then heaven would indeed be a place on earth. 

But let us leave heavenly things aside and come to very worldly things, because this problem is indeed a very worldly one, which does promise certain heavenly results if it is not addressed as soon as possible. 

Got the idea? No? Well, does the picture of a harp, wings and a halo ring a bell? 

Sit Up and Take Notice

Most of us know that smoking is indeed a habit that can have many serious implications on our health but there is a tendency to view the problem lightly. It’s important that every smoker becomes aware of the facts concerning smoking and so I have included certain facts and figures that I hope will serve as eye openers.

I don’t know how it is with you, but as far as I am concerned as soon as I have to look at statistics, my eyes get bleary and something just turns off in my head. But for your own good I implore you to take a good look at the statistics given below, remember, it could save your life. 

The World Health Organization has been studying smoking trends and statistical patterns across the globe and has come up with the following statistics:

· A good deal of variation exists from one part of the world to another. Many more women smoke in Eastern Europe than in East Asia and the Pacific Region. Eastern Europe itself has a particularly high rate of smoking, with up to 59 percent of adult males smoking.

· As with other substances of abuse, such as alcohol and cocaine, the global frequency of tobacco use varies by social class, historical era, and culture. Historically, smoking had been a pastime of the rich. This trend has changed dramatically in recent decades. It appears that economically advantaged men in wealthier countries have been smoking less. The more years of education you've had, the less likely you are to be a smoker.

· Most smokers begin early in life, before they are 25 years old. According to World Health Organization studies, the majority of smokers in affluent countries begin in their teens. A decline in the age of starting smoking has been observed worldwide.

· As a wannabe quitter, you're in excellent company. People all over the world are trying to quit and stay away from cigarettes. There appears to be a correlation between a country's standard of living, level of education, and income and the number of people who have quit smoking. The more and better-informed people are, the more likely they are to quit smoking.

Current estimates are that over 1 billion people in the world smoke. (In other words, approximately one in three adults on the planet smokes.) The majority of these smokers reside in countries on the low end to the middle of the socioeconomic spectrum. Of this majority, about 80 percent live in low and middle-income countries. The total number of smokers worldwide is expected to keep increasing.

But are things in the USA any better? Not really, as you can see for yourself in the figures of National Health Interview Survey (NHIS), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Health Statistics 

In the United States, an estimated 25.6 million men (25.2 percent) and 22.6 million women (20.7 percent) are smokers. These people are at higher risk of heart attack and stroke. The latest estimates for persons age 18 and older show...

· Among whites, 25.1 percent of men and 21.7 percent of women smoke

· Among black or African Americans, 27.6 percent of men and 18.0 percent of women smoke

· Among Hispanics/Latinos, 23.2 percent of men and 12.5 percent of women smoke

· Among Asians (only), 21.3 percent of men and 6.9 percent of women smoke

· Among American Indians/Alaska Natives (only), 32.0 percent of men and 36.9 percent of women smoke

· Studies show that smoking prevalence is higher among those with 9 to 11 years of education (35.4 percent) compared with those with more than 16 years of education (11.6 percent). It's highest among persons living below the poverty level (33.3 percent). 

And These Figures Spell Death...

· One out of every five deaths is caused by tobacco

· An average of 400,000 Americans die each year from tobacco

· Tobacco is to blame for many serious pulmonary and cardiovascular diseases

· Tobacco and nicotine are some of the most potent carcinogens and are to blame for a majority of all cancers of the lung, trachea, bronchus, larynx, and esophagus

· Tobacco use also produces cancers in the pancreas, kidney, bladder, and cervix

· Impotency is sometimes to blame from addiction to nicotine because of its ability to reduce blood flow

· Smoking is an important risk factor for respiratory illnesses, causing 85,000 deaths per year from pulmonary diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and pneumonia

· Children and adolescents who are active smokers will have increasingly severe respiratory illness, as they grow older

· Smoking during pregnancy causes about 5-6% of prenatal deaths, 17-26% of low-birth-weight births, and 7-10% of pre-term deliveries, and it increases the risk of miscarriage and fetal growth retardation

· Cigarettes are responsible for about 25% of deaths from residential fires, causing nearly 1,000 fire-related deaths and 3,300 injuries each year 

How Does One Become a Smoker?

Nobody becomes a smoker as a result of will power. In fact it is the other way round. Can you imagine somebody as a child making up his or her mind that when he or she grows up he or she will become a chain smoker determined to smoke at least 30 cigarettes a day? 

Nobody in his or her normal senses would do that.

Then why do so many people become smokers? 

Let us sit and think about it for a minute. Of course there are a lot of other reasons like the ones I have listed below but I would like to pin point to one specific reason, which I have added, at the end of the list.

Many, in fact most people become smokers as a result of an experiment. What often starts as an experiment becomes an experience and before they know it, it becomes a pattern. So let us examine some of the factors that contribute towards making a person a smoker, chain or other wise.

Peer pressure. One bad apple is enough to make a whole barrel of apples bad. And during the age of thoughtless youth (most people develop the habit before the age of 25) every one is ready to take up a dare. 

So when peers compel others to take a puff, one just has to take a puff or else face the danger of being branded as “chicken” or “goody-two-shoes.”

Availability. Cigarettes are available everywhere and because almost anybody can get them, that is one major factor that contributes to the development of the habit. Another reason is that cigarettes are so damn cheap!

Aping. Movie stars and other celebrities who smoke look so cool, and this is more than enough reason for youngsters to start smoking just to copy their matinee idol.

The Feel Good Syndrome. Cigarettes are often identified with the “cool factor” and so it is a great way to impress others if you can delicately balance the cigarette between two of your fingers and blow up a puff of smoke while you are in your friends' circle.

Stress busters. Cigarettes are often wrongly identified as stress busters and one of the best ways of driving away sleep. So when we see others resorting to the habit, we are tempted and even coaxed into taking a puff. 

If one parent smokes there is a 25% chance that the child too will grow up into a smoker. If both parents smoke, there is a 75% chance that the child will become a smoker.

Attitude. This is a good one, but strangely enough this cause is seldom identified as one of the reasons for picking up the habit. One thing about most of us is that there is a rebellious strain in all of us. 

There is something in us that generates an urge to protest against existing rules and norms and during our teenage years, what better way to express our defiance than by sporting a burning cigarette between our fingers or lips.

Wet Paint

It is not just something about smoking. It is a general tendency of every human being. The moment somebody tells us not to do something a strong feeling develops in us to do the very thing that we were asked not to do. 

If you want to understand what I mean, just consider how people really want to touch and get the wet paint on their hands in spite of a big sign that says ‘wet paint’.

There are many laws which we can’t break for fear of ending up in a cell, but there is no such law against smoking and so it’s just one big, “it’s my life” kind of attitude that makes most youth pick up the habit. 

We are all intelligent enough to know what a message means. When we read the statutory warning that says, “Cigarette smoking is injurious to health” we know what it means. Even a kid knows what it means. It is not like a bolt from the blue. 

Ignorance is the last thing that we can connect to the habit of cigarette smoking. But then when we see a sign that says ‘Wet Paint’ it is very much the same thing. The message is loud and clear that the paint is wet but yet we have to touch and make sure.

Cigarette smoking may be dangerous to our health but just how dangerous is something that we have to convince ourselves about. The sorry fact is that unlike wet paint, we just can’t wash of the effects of smoking with water or turpentine. 

Nor do the effects fade over time, they just get worse. Smoking is not something that we can experiment with. You just can’t take a risk like smoke for a couple of years and say, “look guys, I survived.” It is a matter of life and death. 

Smoke Signals

Then you might ask, if everybody knows that it is such a dangerous habit, then why do so many people still become, and continue to remain, smokers. Well, the reason is because of a paradox that is involved in the habit of smoking.

If all those who smoked, kicked the bucket at the end of the month, then nobody would even think of smoking. But the paradox is that not everyone who smokes hits the grave that fast. Smoking as a habit is a slow killer. It does not paint all smokers with the same brush of death. 

On the other hand it is like a florist who picks a few flowers here and a few flowers there to adorn the house but at the same time leaves some flowers on the plant so that the garden does not look bare.

The problem is that because cigarette smoke as a killer is so choosy, most smokers just keep on hoping that he or she will remain on the plant in the garden forever. 

In this modern age when we are all so educated and well informed, isn’t it kind of silly to leave ourselves in the hands of fate and just keep hoping that we won’t be next. The funny thing is that we do have a choice.

But there’s more to the story. 

The matter of choice is something that exists only in the initial stages. At that time it’s just a puff here and a puff there, more to impress others than any thing else. But soon enough things start slipping out of our control and before we know it we just can’t do without our daily dose of nicotine, in whatever proportions we demand it.

Nicotine Is Addictive

Here is where the problem lies: addiction. The sad thing is that most people don’t realize this. 

They puff away on their cigarettes and attach a lot of definitions to it. I have taken care to include some of the most popular excuses that people attach to their habit of smoking.

EXCUSE #1 - It relieves stress

It really doesn’t. Your body and mind are capable of handling a lot of stress and you do not need any alkaloid to lend external support. The fact is that once your brain is addicted to nicotine, it kind of weakens and becomes unable to handle problems. 

The result is that you get stressed up very fast and your brain starts demanding its regular dose of nicotine. When you puff away, you give it the nicotine and you feel as if your stress is relieved. 

EXCUSE #2 - It drives away sleep

Sleep is a natural response of the body. Our body needs rest and it has the right to demand this rest from time to time. 

When you take a puff, the alkaloids go straight to your brain and interfere with the working thus confusing the brain. You might be able to ward off sleep but you are in fact interfering with the functioning of your brain, which is indeed playing with fire.

EXCUSE #3 - It perks me up

Maybe, but isn’t that a kind of external perk? Isn’t that another way of saying, I am unable to keep in high spirits by myself so I need to depend on cigarettes? 

Hey, look at all those little children, they are always in the highest of spirits and they do not need any alkaloids for that. You should lessen the burdens on your shoulders and take life as it comes. 

Most people wrongly think that it is only narcotic drugs that are addictive. This is a very wrong notion indeed. Nicotine too is as addictive as any narcotic. Once you get used to it, it is not going to be easy to break away from it. 

An Unfair Battle

Let’s take a moment to ponder over our bodies. They are such remarkable things. Just think of all those activities that are going on so harmoniously inside our bodies. Most of these activities and functions go on with out our own knowledge. It’s almost like a well oiled machine. 

And think of the count less number of times when you have fallen ill and how this remarkable body has fought back and won the battle. Forget about giving credit to it. None of us do that. But the least we can do is lend it a helping hand. 

The world we are living is horribly polluted. And as it is the body has a colossal task of fighting off all those toxins. And here we are pulling in loads and loads of toxic smoke as many times a day as possible. 

The body will pull on as long as it can, and in the end, one fine day it will put its foot down and say “enough is enough, go ahead cough up and die,” and really we cannot blame it at that time. 

The battle is already unfair, so the least we can do is help by not consciously contributing our own share of toxins to this body that is already waging a fierce battle in this polluted world.

I guess we have said enough about smoking, now let’s talk about what we really intended to talk about and that is how to stop smoking. But before we proceed any further, I want to give you a word of caution. It’s not going to be easy. 

This is an exercise that will put your nerves, your muscles and every cell in your body to the utmost level of endurance. But in the when you triumph, you will realize that it was worth it.

After all, it is a matter of life and death. And believe me you can do it once you make up your mind. I can tell you that with all the authority in the world because right now you are being addressed by a person who quit being a chain smoker and is now a total non smoker. That’s right, me!

If you are in a hurry to get started and stop smoking NOW, the Native Remedies Stop Smoking Ultra Pack is an all natural way of quitting which does not include nicotine substitutes like nicotine gums, sprays, patches, etc. 

Visit Natural Remedies for full details of this proven stop smoking system.

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