About the Popular Siamese Cat Breed

Even people who do not like cats have heard of the Siamese cat breed. After all, these cats are even characters in several popular mystery series, perhaps because the curious nature and adventurous spirit of this cat breed makes it an ideal detective's helper.

The Siamese is an ancient breed, appearing sometime before the sixteen hundreds in the country of Thailand, which at the time was known as Siam. 

Several of these beautiful, graceful cats were brought to Great Britain in the eighteen hundreds by the Britain's ambassador when he returned home. 

This breed was immediately a hit with cat fanciers. By the nineteen fifties, the Siamese was one of the most popular cat breeds in the world, although they are not currently as popular as they once were.

The Siamese cat has a long, graceful body with a rectangular shape, a wedge shaped head, large ears, a long, graceful tail, and long, thin legs. 

This breed's eyes are large and almond shaped, with a striking blue color. These cats have a short coat that comes in Seal Point, Chocolate Point, Blue Point, or Lilac Point colors. 

Any other color variations of the Siamese breed are considered to be a completely different breed, the Colorpoint Shorthair.

Your Siamese won't like to be left alone...

Since the Siamese is such a playful, affectionate breed, these cats are not a good choice for people who spend a lot of time away from home. 

A lonely and bored Siamese can get into more trouble than the average cat and will probably spend much of the time plotting an escape. 

If you do decide to get one of these cats, you may want to add a second kitten, as well. 

This will keep your cat from being quite so lonely while you are gone, although both cats will still welcome you joyously when you arrive home each evening.

The outgoing Siamese is a good choice for families or retired people, since this breed soaks up attention like a sponge. 

Your cat will follow family members from room to room, inspecting your work and trying to help complete chores. 

When you sit down, he will be right there with you, curling up on your lap or perching on your shoulder. 

A Siamese will want to spend a lot of time by your side...

If you don't like a clingy cat, this breed may actually be a bit too devoted for you to handle.

With the keen intelligence of the Siamese breed, it is no surprise that these cats are highly trainable. 

However, they also know their own minds, so they may opt not to perform on command. 

You can easily teach your cat to fetch or come when he is called. He will also make up his own games, such as hide and seek. 

Ambushing unsuspecting family members and guests is another favorite. Your cat will wait patiently atop a refrigerator or other high object and then pounce on people passing by.

So, if you would like to own a very vocal, but attention loving cat, then the Siamese may be the ideal breed for you. 

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