Three Reasons to Love Home Theaters

If you already have a great home theater system, you already understand exactly why they are such an amazing addition to one’s life.  

If you have not yet taken the plunge, however, and are still trying to decide whether a home theater makes sense for you, you should consider a few things.  

Certainly, after analyzing these three reasons to love owning a home theater system, you will be motivated to get your own as quickly as possible.

The first reason is obvious.  It brings the excitement of the movies into your home.  There is nothing quite like a movie--that’s why the motion picture industry has grown so much over time.  

Films are central component of our culture and one of the primary reasons for their popularity is the unparalleled thrill of the movies.  

From the swell of music during the opening credits to the film’s conclusion, movies capture our attention and entertain us in a way that no other medium can.

Unfortunately, going to see the movies can be an expensive hassle...

  • Lines for tickets.  

  • Lines for concessions.  

  • Oversold theaters with small seats.  

It seems like every movie theater comes equipped with a loudmouth who is sure to ruin the experience and someone just tall enough to block your view seated directly in front of you.  

There is nothing more frustrating than leaving the theater, scraping the gum off the bottom of your shoes and bemoaning the fact your potentially awesome experience was ruined by the woman who could not stay off her cell phone!

There are many advantages to owning your own Home Theater

When you own your own home theater, you get all of the advantages of the big screen theater with none of the aggravations.  The music sounds as sharp, if not sharper, than it does at the multiplex.

Today’s video technology allows for unbeatable video.  Everything is in place to recreate the movie theater in your very own living room!

A second reason to embrace the idea of a home theater system is related to cost.  If you are a movie fan, you understand just how expensive a trip to the show can be.  

Assuming you do not go alone, the costs are doubled.  Those with families end up spending small fortunes for a weekend matinee.  Not only are the tickets overpriced, the concessions are ridiculous.  

A small soda pop and a little bag of popcorn can easily set you back over ten bucks.  

If you are actually thirsty or have a bit of a real appetite, you can certainly spend more on a few theater snacks than you would a top-notch restaurant.

Multiply those expenses by the number of people you bring to the theater.  Now, multiply it again by the number of movies you would like to see.  The result is amazing.  It makes the cost of a home theater seem insanely low by comparison.  

Within a few short years, a home theater system can pay for itself.  Those who are looking for an economical system can realize true cost savings almost immediately.  

In addition, the technology you buy for your home theater can serve double duty as a way of providing television and stereo entertainment. 

A quality Home Theater could be considered an investment

Some people are tempted to view home theaters as an expense.  In reality, they are an investment.  The right purchases can make a home theater a very wise investment, too.

Finally, having a great home theater can produce something no amount of money can buy.  A good home theater is a social and family magnet.  

It is an extra inspiration for some much-needed family togetherness time.  It can bring friends over for an evening of dinner and a flick. 

You can turn your home into a social destination for your family and circle of friends by obtaining a good home theater system.  It can provide hours upon hours of social interaction and enjoyment with friends and family.

If you have not purchased a home theater, you certainly should.  

When one considers the great advantages in terms of pure entertainment and cost effectiveness and then adds in the social value of home theater ownership, it is obvious why those who have home theaters love them. 

All it takes is a willingness to investigate what kind of home theater system will work for you and you can be on your way to possessing what will probably become your favorite possession!

We've put together a comprehensive guide to buying and installing your new home theater. If you'd like to check it out, visit A Guide to Home Theater Selection and Set-up

We wish you every success with your new home theater and know that it will give you many hours of pure enjoyment.


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