Is the Turkish Angora Right For You?

If you want a longhair cat breed that is as intelligent as it is beautiful, you may want to take a look at the beautiful Turkish Angora

This breed is one of the oldest cat breeds, originating in the fourteen hundreds in Turkey. 

For some time, cat fanciers thought that the Angora was extinct, since imported cats had been bred so frequently to Persians to improve the Persian coat that Angoras in other countries died out. 

Luckily, Turkey was more careful to preserve this ancient breed. 

At first, this country refused to part with any Angoras. 

However, finally Turkey agreed to sell a few cats and some pure Turkish Angoras were imported to Europe and America after World War II.

The Turkish Angora is an elegant, graceful looking cat breed. They have a long, muscular body that is covered with a silky coat of long, luxurious hair. 

The Angora has a triangular face, big, slightly slanted eyes, and a long, fluffy tail. This breed can have eyes of any color, including mismatched eyes. These cats weigh six to eleven pounds.

You can find a Turkish Angora in almost any color or pattern. 

However, not all variations in pattern are recognized by the different breed organizations, so if you want to show your cat, you should be sure that that particular color is acceptable.

The Turkish Angora is fairly vocal and loves to communicate

If you want a quiet, placid cat breed, then the Turkish Angora may be the wrong choice for you. 

These cats are fairly vocal and love to communicate with their family members. 

They tend to suddenly leap up to race around the house after some imaginary pest. 

The Angora is quite playful and loves to spend time romping with family members. 

However, if you give your cat a ball, he will amuse himself for hours, as well.

The Turkish Angora loves to explore his surroundings and is very curious. This means that these cats can really get into trouble if they are unsupervised. 

If you decide that an Angora kitten is right for you, you should really make every effort to cat proof your home. 

After all, even though these cats don't make the same mistake twice, sometimes one mistake is simply one too many. 

 You might need two cats if one is a Turkish Angora

If you are not home for most of the day, your cat can entertain himself and will not be desolate to find that he is alone. However, he will be happier with the company of a second cat.

While the Turkish Angora has a long coat, you do not have to spend hours grooming your cat. 

This breed has a silky coat that tends to stay tangle free. 

Combing your cat's hair two to three times a week should be frequent enough to keep it from tangling and matting. 

In addition, regular grooming helps remove loose hair and will alleviate the chance of your cat developing hairballs.

If you want a graceful, playful cat with a long, silky coat, then the Turkish Angora may be the perfect cat breed for you.

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